Time Line

The ADAMS APPAREL of today began its journey in 1989 as a joint venture company with a German counterpart. The initial product line was top and related output range. With the fast developing industry and global demand, the entity turned into a sole Bangladeshi business enterprise by 1992. The buying house and related concerns were also incorporated by this time.
The year 2006 is marked as the rebirth of ADAMS APPAREL as it expanded focus into bottoms and integrated new and state of the art technologies into the production line. The management identified people & their teamwork as its assets and started long-term "open to newer technologies" adaptation polides. Higher automation and stringent quality management measures were undertaken.
In 2011, ADAMS had a CAD based drawing and product design facility clustering bottoms inaugurated. Auto pocket attaching denim, belt loop, feed of the arm, J-stich, pocket weltering are the crown jewels of the now proudly expanding "double A". With this specialized bottom unit serving clients worldwide, ADAMS APPAREL now boasts the BCSI audit certification award.