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Product: All types of bottoms with medium & heavy Woven Fabrics, e.g. Trousers, Shorts, Bermuda, Cargo, Coverall and its ranges for Men, Women and Children.
Equipment: Bartack, Eye-let buttonn hole,Feed of the arm, Kansai special, velcro attaching, Blind hem stitch, pocket welting and CAD/CAM based specialized machinery.
Workforce: 990
Floor space: 45,000 sq.ft
Number of Machines: 450
Production Capacity: 5,000 pcs DENIM per day & 5,000 pc non-DENIM per day.
Delivery: 60 days with local fabric and 90 days with imported fabric(subject to production slot availability)
Packaging: In house fully automated through APARNA PACKAGING & ACCESSORIES.
Associated sister concerns: Knite, sweater, shirt & washing plants